Updated Log @ 6th September 2019

Here are the some updates and changes which took place during the maintenance on 6th September 2019:

Client Update:
- Full Client 2.0 & Lite Client 2.0 has been released. Existing players are advised to download Lite Client 2.0, new players are suggested to download Full Client 2.0 to avoid any error.

System Update:
- Fixed some item description.
- Added new items into Hourly Point Reward system.
- Adjusted dead/bloody branch delay time. Every 30 seconds can spam ONE(1) piece only.

Quest Update:
- Quest of the Month (6th September 2019 - 7th October 2019)
Bring the correct ingredients to Victoria Saph in Geffen (geffen 91, 201) to collect rare Costume Poring Soap Pipe.

*For more info, please CLICK HERE.

Cash Shop Update:
- Added new headgear.
- Added new general items.