Updated Log @ 23.09.2019

Here are the some updates and changes which took place during the maintenance on 23th September 2019:

System Update:
- Removed #main/#trade/#support channel.
- Remained drop rate 1% or below announcement. 
- Increased EXP Rate to 50x.
- Increase DROP Rate to 50x. (Mini Boss & MVP remained 1x)
- Added new item into Hourly Point Reward.
- Added new costume into MVP Point Reward.
- Added new costume into MVP Voucher Reward.
- Added new quests into Headgear Quest.
- Added new quests into Mid Slot Headgear Quest.
- Added rare stones into Rare Stone Quest.
- Added bloody branch into Bloody Branch Quest.
- Added Blacksmith Dister at outside Payon Refine Room. (For Blessed Ori & Blessed Elu)
- Updated new starter package for newbies from Training Ground.
- Fixed Izlude PVP Room map.
- Added Repeatable Quests.
- Added @feelreset/@noks command.

Cash Shop Update:
- Added Glasses (1) & Sunglasses (1)
- Added various of useful boxes.