Playing at Gaia RO is 100% free. If you like our server, you are welcomed to buy some coffee for us!
In return, we also will give you a special currency on the server: Cash Points. You can exchange Cash Points for items in the game from Cash Shop.
NOTE: Cash Points are account bounded and it is non-transferable.

Terms & Conditions Apply:
1. Buying us some coffee is not refundable in any way at all.
2. Please understand that when you buy us some coffee, you are not buying in-game items from us, we are simply showing our gratitude by giving you Cash Points in return.
3. You are not forced to buy coffee for us, it is your own choice.
4. Once you purchase us some coffee, you are much appreciated but when you break a rule, you'd still be vulnerable enough to get sanctioned accordingly.
5. We will not be responsible if any funds are lost due to hack or scam, It is your own responsibility.
6. It's your responsibility to interpret and fully understand this transaction matter and that by purchasing you, therefore, are declaring you're fully understanding regarding the agreement to this policy.
Operation Hours:
Monday - Sunday @ 12pm - 12am.
After you have bought us coffee, kindly contact Admin thru official Facebook page. All transactions will be processed immediately or within 1-2 hours as soon as possible. Please be patient and you will receive a reply stating that your cash points has been credited into your account. Thank you for buying us coffee.