Quest of the Month (September)

Event: Quest of the Month (September)
Date & Time: 6th September 2019 - 7th October 2019 (1800 hours)

How To Play:
1. Collect the right ingredients in order to create rare Costume Poring Soap Pipe.
2. After collected enough ingredients, you may talk to the princess Victoria Saph (geffen 91, 201) and receive your reward.

Ingredients need:

Gentleman Pipe x 1 EA
Poring Hat x 1 EA
Gask Mask x 1 EA
Service Ticket x 10 EA

Terms & Conditions Apply:

1. You may create unlimited Costume Poring Soap Pipe as long as you have ingredients on hands.
2. Costume Poring Soap Pipe able to trade, sell, drop, storage & vend.
4. Event will be ended on 7th October 2019 (1800 hours) during maintenance.