Guild Invitation

Citizens of Gaia RO,

We would like to invite the active guilds to join us along. Hence, we are decided to open guild application for everyone. Please read the requirement below carefully:


(For those who tries duplicate account for more reward)


  1. Your guild from other server decided to migrate to Gaia RO.
  2. You and your guild members start playing Gaia RO.
  3. Reaching the requirements, then contact Admin at
  4. Admin will arrange time with you and your members, for the package delivery.


Qualified Reward:
(Rewards are account bounded. They are NOT ALLOWED to trade, vend & drop.)


Handmade Chocolate: (Item effect: Heal about 325 HP, weight 1)
Handmade White Chocolate: (Item effect: Heal about 60 SP, weight 1)