Level Up Challenge

Event: Level Up Challenge
Date & Time: 30th August (2100 hours)  - 29th September (2359 hours)

How To Play:
1.) Level up your characters and reached base level 99 & job level 70.
2.) Take a clear screenshot showing with character name & level.
3.) Email your screenshot to "donation.gaiaro@gmail.com" along with your In-Game-Name.
4.) Claim reward within 12 hours after submitted. 

Terms & Conditions Apply:
1.) Only for Trans Class. (Lord Knight, Paladin, High Wizard, Professor, Sniper, Clown/Gypsy, Assassin Cross, Stalker, Whitesmith, Creator, High Priest & Champion)
2.) Each account apply for ONCE only. Any duplicated characters under same account will not be entertained.
3.) Participant must leave the CORRECT registered character in-game-name.
4.) You are advised to register easy & simple character name, example: " Lorraine ". Any wrong name will not be entertained, nor wait for the correction.

10,000 Cash Points & Costume Forgotten Angel Wings (1 EA)

*Note: Costume Forgotten Angel Wings is tradeable.