Updated Log @ 3rd September 2019

Here are the some updates and changes which took place during the maintenance on 3rd September 2019:

System Update:
- Update new item description.
- Added Hourly Point system. (Each hour = 1 point, every 5 hours continuously bonus 3 points, every 10 hours or above continuously bonus 5 points)
- Added new command @check for tracking total amount of Hourly Point.
- Removed some maps from prohibited memo by Warp Portal skill. (*Note: All the maps summoned with Mini Boss & MVP are total banned from Warp Portal skill, such as gef_fild10)

NPC Update:
- You may exchange items with Hourly Point from npc Shukriya (aldebaran 165, 119) in Aldebaran.

Quest Update: (You are advised to write down with note!)
- Add 5 new headgear quest. 

Alice Doll
NPC: Madam Sophia 
Location: glast_01 330, 85

Robo Eyes
NPC: Assassin Dave
Location: pay_fild05 84, 154

Angel Spirit
NPC: Vuiikki
Location: mjolnir_04 199, 224

Anubis Helm
NPC: Pyramid Chaser
Location: moc_fild19 107, 174

Gentleman's Pipe
NPC: Old Cornor
Location: pay_fild10 243, 141 

Cash Shop Update:
- Changed Light Blue Potion Box to WoE Blue Potion Box.
- Adjusted Siege Blue Potion Box.
- Added new headgear.
- Added new rental items.