Updated Log @ 10th September 2019

Here are the some updates and changes which took place during the maintenance on 10th September 2019:

System Update:
- Removed @autotrade command.
- Removed all the other headgear quest in different map.
- Adjusted Dead/Bloody Branch delay use to 60 seconds.
- Removed classic Twin Towers NPC.
- Added Teleporter. (Allow to teleport town & dungeon entrances for free)
- Added 1 minute delay use for Healer NPC.
- All the Kafra save points change to where player standing spot instead.
- Reset all the /memo point.
- /memo system will be re-followed back the official memo point. You may refer the link below: CLICK HERE

NPC Update:

- Relocated Wise Old Woman & Stylist NPC in Payon.
- Added Private Branches Room in Payon.
- Added MVP Point Shop in Payon.
- Added Quest Master (Combine custom headgear quest & MVP Voucher reward) in Payon.

Quest Update:
- Added new headgear quest into Quest Master.

Cash Shop Update:

- Added new headgear.
- Removed Ardor Scroll & Angel Scroll.