WOE Event

Good evening to all guilds of Gaia RO,

Please be informed that the most exciting first-ever War of Emperium (WOE) Event will be organized in October 2019!

Event: First-ever War of Emperium (WOE) for Gaia RO
Date & Day: 8th October 2019, Tuesday
Time: 10pm - 11pm (GMT+8)
Castle: Kriemhild (prtg_cas01)
Reward: Each winning guild member will receive 2,000 Cash Points, guild leader will receive extra an unique rare Costume Dynasty Flag.

Important notice:
1. At least 2 active guilds during Special WOE Event. This event will be cancelled automatically if only 'one-side-show'.

2. Players will be able to teleport to castles thru Warper NPC.

3. There is no MVP or monsters inside the castle.